Hi, Here we will talk about Mindblowing Top Five Social Apps For Smartphone. If you are a user of android and want to use social apps in your android. Then maybe you are in the right place because in this article I am telling you the five best social apps which help you can make new friends and share your lifestyle using your android mobile phone. There are many social apps that are available on the google play store but we talk about top social apps on the google play store.

If you are interested to share your lifestyle on the internet using social apps then you are the right article. Because here I explained the complete details about five social apps that help so you can easily share your lifestyle on the internet. Everyone wants to share their lifestyle on the internet but they want to best platform of social where they can share their life. Therefore I want to provide you details about five Social apps. I have checked about Top Social apps, But I could not found content about it. Therefore this is important to share with you. Hope this article will be special for you If you are interested in social apps. 

Mindblowing Top Five Social Apps

I will provide you details about toppest social apps which helps to you can share your life parts and your lifestyle very easily. These apps are very popular on the google play store. If you want to become famous on the internet, So try these apps and post your lifestyle on these social apps. I think social apps are very important to us. Because in this app we can easily update with every news and we can see the new peoples around the world.

Using these apps we can easily do entertainment by watching the content of different peoples worldwide. Here you will able to share videos and your own photos. Hope you will enjoy these social five apps on your smartphone.


Youtube is the big platform to share your lifestyle on the internet very easily using your android mobile phone. Here you can upload your content in the shape of videos. If you want to share your life parts on the internet then record your own videos and upload these videos and youtube. After uploading your videos everyone can watch your videos and can know about your personal life. Youtube is one of the most powerful platforms which helps you can earn money online by Uploading your own videos. 

Maybe Youtube is the best choice to become famous in the world of the internet. So let's start work on youtube and share your life in the world and make money online as well as sharing your lifestyle. Many peoples are uploading content and making money online. 


Facebook is the best social app that helps to you can share your life parts by using your smartphone. Here we explained details about the Facebook social app. Keep connecting with your friends around the world by sharing your own life in the shape of photos and videos. Facebook is a fast and amazing platform for life sharing ever for the users of smartphones and other devices. We can easily connect with our lovely friends on Facebook. This app can connect you with peoples of the different country I want to say that here you can meet your friends.

In this app, you can share your photos, videos, and your best memories very easily. After sharing your photos and videos everyone can see your videos and photos. Also, you can select here your privacy like if you want to remain your photo personally then you can select the setting with the name of private. In the Facebook app you can make new friends from worldwide also you can do talk with them very easily. Also, share your live Life by using the feature of Live on Facebook. Go live on Facebook and share your life LIVE by using your android smartphone. Follow any brand to get its updates at right time.

If you want to update with every news on Facebook then follow any news page on Facebook and keep update with any news on the Facebook app. And follow your favorite website for updating with any update on Facebook. 

Features Of This App

  • One of the best and powerful social app on the google play store
  • Connect with your friends and family members very easily using your smartphone.
  • Here you can easily make new friends world.
  • Facebook App helps to meet new friends around the world.
  • Share your updates by uploading any status.
  • In this app, you can easily share your photos, videos, and the best part of your memories.
  • You will get notifications with every update like when your friends like your post etc.
  • Now you can play games with your friend on Facebook.
  • Also, do online selling marketing on the Facebook app.
Here also you can watch videos of others. Stay connected with your own friends by talking with them on the Facebook app. Open your camera then take photos and upload it on Facebook. Share your best memories of your friends with you. Facebook helps you to update with any current affairs news and multiple things you want to know. Check the best new feeds of sports, news, entertainment, and others.

Facebook Lite

 If you have not a Facebook app then also you can try to the Facebook lite app. It is available on the google play store. If you have a low range smartphone and you want to use Facebook. Then try the Facebook lite app on your smartphone. 


Instagram is the best social app. It called the alternative of Facebook App. Here also you can share your photos and videos very easily on Instagram using your own smartphone. Instagram is the best app where we can easily upload some parts of our life. If you are wondering to share your life on the internet then must try Instagram and share your life on the internet. Post videos and photos and check out different news feed you want. 

If you are a user of android and wonderful for the best social app then maybe Instagram is the best option for those peoples. It has many installs on the platform of the google play store. People use Instagram to share their life parts and they are uploading photos too. Hope you understand Instagram. 


Pinterest is also a social app that is available on the google play store. Here you can easily upload your photos and write anything in the box of description. Also, you will able to write an article about anything on the interest app. Use Pinterest and share your photos and your articles according to your interest.